The advent of Christianity in Lanle started between 1932-1933 when the first missionary by name Papa Samuel Kataeregi, who was stationed at Fazhi, came to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Lanle village for the first time. In addition to the preaching of the gospel, he said anybody that knows how to read and write, that person is free from any form of molestation from any authority. So this motivated Baba Legbo emitsunyankpazhi who was the village head to give Baba Elijah then known as Musa Kadiri to Papa Samuel Jiya Yeregi, who was touched and got convinced with the teaching to be taught how to read and write. So Papa Samuel taught the people how to read and write in Nupe language using what was known as ‘Abidi’. On the other hand Baba Joshua known as Aliyu Kadiri was learning handwork in Bida, when he came back he took over from Baba Elijah, because he has been an apprentice he was able to learn faster than Baba Elijah, so he finished the ‘Abidi’ in a day. And also the Nupe Prima. So papa Samuel told him the need to buy the good news Bible Known as “Labari Wangi”. So Baba Legbo gave him five kobo to buy the Bible. Baba Joshua became a teacher to Baba Elijah, Baba Solomon then known as Mamman Kadiri and Rev. Josiah Alhassan then known as Majiya Kadiri. These men learn ‘Abidi’ under the tutelage of Baba Joshua for six months and they were able to read the book. At first it was only Baba Joshua that knows what he has accepted and therefore every Sunday will attend Church service at Fazhi. The rest of them; Baba Elijah, Baba Solomon and Baba Josiah were only intereted in learning how to read without any understanding of the gospel of salvation, until when Papa Abu came from Kutigi and preached using John 14:6 as his text where Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me’’ from that day their eyes were opened to the gospel. Papa Abu advised them that since Kutigi is closer to Lanle than Fazhi, they should be coming to Kutigi for Sunday services.
Every Sunday they were attending the Church services at Kutigi. When it became cleared to others that they are now Christians, persecution began, but the work of God advanced in Lanle and the hold onto the True Faith without looking back. The kind of persecution and trials that they faced were:
1. They collect their Bible and anything that has to do with their new found Faith and burnt them.
2. They make every effort to stop them from going to Kutigi for Sunday services.
3. On one occassion they went to Panti for Tax census in 1933 the District head known as Tsaduya who was then stationed at Kutigi, tortured them in Panti, and embarrrased them before everybody and promised that the authorities will come and arrest them. But Papa Abu came and rescue them from his hand.
\From that day many more people started coming to Baba Joshua to learn and also accepted Christ.
The first Church in Lanle was built in 1934. The present Church is the fourth Church building since 1934. The Church in Lanle gave birth to St. Marks’ church Manyisa and St. Joseph Church Egbanti. The Church became a Parish 1993 with Egbanti, Manyisa and Gbangbagi under it. It became a provisional district 2009.
The key sayings and words of wisdom that help built the Faith of those early Christians in Lanle are:
1. Anybody that knows how to read and write is free from being molested by any authority. He will not be a slave to anybody again. He will not be in darkness of anything again. Papa Samuel Jiya Yeregi-Papa Fazhi.
2. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father but by him – Papa Abu
3. Salvation rescues from the threat and persecution of Hakimi Tsadu at Panti – Papa Abu
Those that were instrumental in bringing Christianity to Lanle are:
1. Papa Samuel Jiya Kataeregi station at Fazhi
2. Papa Abu stationed at Kutigi
The first converts to Christianity in Lanle are:
1. Musa Kadiri who later was named Baba Elijah Mamman
2. Aliyu Kadiri who later beacme Pastor Joshua Mamman
3. Mamman Kadiri who later was named Baba Solomon A. Yisa
4. Majiya Kadiri who later became Rev. Josiah Alhassan

Inspite of the challenges and problems of been mocked and nicknamed, and the denial of so many privilages, they stood up and contended for the true Faith. Because of their stedfastness they were joined by other people like Nma Ndace who later became Philip Usman, Baba Yandaman, Usman Tantifugi, Nma kolo Edzan and some people from the sorrounding villages such as Kuniawo, Dassagi, Panti, Egbanti, Manyisa. But because of the distance of going to Fazhi and other discourging factors from the enemies of the gospel, majority of them went back.

To the glory of God 1934 the Church has the privilege of the following as resident pastors till date:
1. Late Pastor Peter N. Yisa Ebugi
2. Late Rev. Nathaniel Kolo Dangana later Venerable Gaba
3. Late pastor Samari Gana Pati Essan
4. Late pastor John Bawa Kodan
5. Late pastor Paul Sokomba Patitagi
6. Late Peter Yisa Ebugi – second time
7. Late Rev. Joshua Mayaki Essanzhi
8. Rev. James Kolo Yisa now Venerable Doko
9. Late Josiah Aliyu Kutukpa
10. Rev. Silas N. Yisa now Venerable Katamba Bologi
11. Rev. Andrew Salawu now Venerable Doko
12. Rev. Isaiah Tsado Retire Canon Gbadafu
13. Pastor Joel Yisa Essan
14. Rev. David Gana now venerable Kopa
15. Rev. Zacheaus Majin now venerable Mamafu
16. Late Rev. Stephen Aliyu Gogata
17. Rev. Jacob Ndakotsu Gbadafu
18. Rev. Joel Yisa – second time Essan
19. Rev. Solomon Gana Lazhi the incubent Kutigi
The Church has witnessed tremendous growth, we want to thank these men of God for their labour and tireless efforts.

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